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What my grandma always told me about love was indeed true!!!

Posted by Brian on January 3, 2011

My grandmother always told me love would find me when i wasn’t looking for it, true

My grandmother also told me to be careful when it comes, oh yeah I agree

My grandmother told me to choose wisely, indeed she was a wise woman

My grandmother told me the best way to know the right one when your with them is that you think about them morning night and day, that you think of them in everything at every moment of every day, gawd she was sure as hell right….

My grandmother used to tease me a lot about love, or at least I thought she was. That was until one day when I wasn’t looking and gave up all hope of finding the right one for me it came as if a thief in the night and stole my heart and soul…..

This is what a soul mate is like, not just another woman or man to love but one that attached to the very core of your soul and never let’s go. This doesnt that everything is perfect all the time-infact far from it. We are all people while here on earth and as such we have pasts, sometimes long damaging ones. However, when you find the right one the world could throw you a disaster and with one look or thought of your partner the world can and is a perfect place.

No matter what happened or is happening that love is unconditional. This is the love I found recently


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