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Do we have more than one soul mate? Do we have soul mates?

Posted by Brian on January 4, 2011

I believe soulmates exist as well as do twin flames and they are not the same thing as some stated here in the net. After several near deaths and much time on the other side in conversation with angels and guides, through speach and imagery I know they indeed exist. However, one must believe in them unconditionally as they do in the creator. For, it is our own disbelieves in things that make them then become untrue or disappear if once thought true.

Soulmates are people, male and female, that we have travelled with for countless ages. They were and are living with us everyday in every way and walk of life. One must be open though to make them apparent, for if you are not they could walk past you and you would never know it. Does God exist, can you see him-how about air or energy, one must believe..

A soulmate is someone that you were given life with, it could be someone that passes in and out of your life within seconds or someone that comes in and changes your life forever. A soulmate is like a close friend or lover that once seen changes your life for ever. They guide you in not only love of others but love in yourself, an unconditional love. For, by them being there no matter what seems to happen and things will happen, one look at them and all is perfect in life…

They make your love, your life much brighter and better than ever thought possible. This doesnt mean fights between you do not happen, life is life, but things between you will not be held against you. It doesnt matter what has happened in your life all is forgiven and will be overcome. Soulmates are life changers for ever and we all have more than one, not all are the star crossed lovers we think of.  These are few and far between, but they do exist and once found not only change your life but are there forever… For one I am happy I have found mine and I pray you too find youres-God Bless


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