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How To Recognize a Soul Mate Relationship

Posted by Brian on January 11, 2011

If you believe in soul mate relationships and are not quite sure about the relationship you are in, is it or is it not, these few simple ways to recognize a soul mate relationship might just help you out….. And remember we all at some point question the relationship were in, we are all only human. So, take these as you will and I hope it opens your eyes as they have opened mine to what is in front of me each time I peer into my angels eyes…

In order to know your soul mate you first know yourself.. This is easier said than done, for we all think we know ourselves. But, just how well do we? 

Keep a log or journal and make a list of all your traits, likes and dislikes and then read them and see how they change or if they change. A soul mate and often many soul mates have travelled with us through out time, some are meant to be with us for life, others come to just hurry up the human process and move us faster towards the oneness with God. However, we all are alike in more ways than not. So, if there’s something you don’t like about you it might be in them, before you meet it is the time to ready your self to be the one you would most like to meet-Think mirror….

2. Soul mates relationships are well-balanced, strong and positive relationships

With this said I want to emphasize that we are all human, every one fights, or at least most do, fights are often what makes us go hmm! and think, it is a way of learning. We are all human and have all had human lives, just because you might have found your sense of heaven it doesn’t mean everything will always be perfect. But, often the fights or arguments do not last, they are quickly forgiven and both learn from them equally. The fights are times of growth for both equally and they are never ever held on to long.. Through this troubled water a well-balanced, strong healthy bonding relationship is formed . Never ever, is manipulation or intimidation used-always even after an argument a soul mate can hold each other tight and feel safe in each others arms

3. A soul Mate relationship is a natural fit and feel as if it were given to you as a gift from God..

This is probably the hardest to understand, for if you are looking for a natural fit and wanting it just as eagerly any fit will feel as if it were the one. But, as my grandmother used to say a soul mate will present themselves when you are not looking and only when you are ready for them to appear in your life. Not before and definitely will not happen if forced. Take your time work on you, know what you want in yourself first, then enjoy… Remember a soul mate is you, a mirror image, many times going through the same life in many ways not always, but many… Often once found soul mates will feel like mirror images in how life has unfolded, the word mirror image is profound…

I have heard many people speak on finding their one true soul mate and living happily ever after with them. A good majority of them have also spoke about how their life’s, their paths, their vacation spots and so on and so on have matched equally. However, one mate is left-handed while the other one is right-handed or how one has succeeded in life while the other has barely scraped by. Read, research the net and see the countless unbound stories of such, but it is well to remember you are equal and each has come into their partners life to make a fantastic journey together equally, not unequally… Each will rise the other where the other has not yet risen high enough, whether it be in love and trust, or in finances and structures both will only gain and join together equally in the end

4.  A Soul Mate relationship is filled with honesty and support

Again we are all only human and have each led different lives. The past is the past, the future with a soul mate is a fantastic journey together, forget the past and look ahead… It is also wise to state here that soul mates are mirrors of ourselves and as being such words do not have to be said, it’s almost as if they know our hearts, our minds and can read each like a book….

5. Soul mate relationships are healthy. passionate and loving..

When you meet your soul mate one will quickly realize that this is the person you have dreamt about all your life. It can not help but be loving and compassionate, does this mean no fighting? Absolutely not, we are all only human, but it does mean that things are not held on to and the arguments are quickly subsided and found to be growing experiences to be built upon… Love and romance are always there, they are everything we have ever hoped for in another and in us and now that it has been found to fight with the partner seems to be a fight with ourselves. Love and compassion are ever-present and together a lot can get and is done

6.  A soul mate will accept who you are, bring out the best in you, challenge you and enjoy in watching you succeed..

They are not trying to change you, they are opening you further into who you are. They know you often better than you know yourself as already stated above, as such they will challenge you to be the you your supposed to be. They will bring your dreams into fruition as you will bring theirs, both enjoying every step along the way. Each step bringing you closer to God and the perfection he has brought you forth to be…

7. Soul Mates enjoy every moment their together and cherish their commitment to each other…..\you are the only apple in their eye, there will never be another……


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