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How many life times are Soul mates said to follow their partner?

Posted by Brian on January 14, 2011

Soul mates are not just one people, but s group of people that we were brought into existence with. We travel each and every lifetime with our soul mates, or at least some of them. Each time one or more of our soul mate group meet it moves us closer towards the reason we are here on earth, the reunification with God through our own perfect soul. 

The reason it moves us closer, is that it brings us once again into the loving arms of not only our mate but with our true self. “We are Spiritual Beings Living a Human Existence.” We each live over and over again different life times of new and often old experiences, think Karma. Some times we get stuck repeating over and over again the same old karmic cycles of experiences, this is where our Soul Mates come into becoming such a major player in change. They change us, they open our eyes to what is and change our experiences in and out of ourselves-their a boost from the lord almighty to help us break from our cycles and get us on track.

With this said, not every soul mate is our true love, some are simply there for that cosmic boot to move us back on track and towards the light of God. However, there are those that are Soul mates that are there for love, compassion to share life with-these are mostly what people speak about when they think of soul mates. These soul mates are few and far between, often most people don’t find them in a lifetime. However, sometimes they do and when they do, one look into this persons eyes will bring a world of flooding of emotions and longing into both partners that simply will not diminish over the passing of time.

How do we meet our soul mates, ready yourself-these types of soul mates do not simply seem, they are brought into our existence when the timing is right and when we have worked on what we are here to work on, whether that be love and compassion or to break ourselves from the cycle of earthly things. Whats funny here is that although these two partners have almost to a T followed the same time lines and lives, they are usually mirrors of each other in how they have done it. Soul mates are perpetual mirrors of ourselves that together found a substance harder than diamond and greater, more rewarding than anything one could ever dream of.

Love Soul Mates do not just seem, they are a gift from God. thus they can not be simply sought out, they are not until we have totally worked on ourselves, the reason our mates have shown is to bring us closer to perfection of our true  selves and each other. Once united with our true loving soul mate, lives quickly change and become one. Once these two meet they can not be parted with out heart ache, these two once met are inseparable…. They are mirrors, two sides of one coin that together form a solid foundation of greater substance and rewards.


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