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How to smudge and bless a home

Posted by Brian on January 19, 2011

Have been asked several times on the proper way, or at least how it was taught to me, figured it would be a good post for today as more and more people are finding our pages…..

Things one will Need

Sage stick, fresh tobacco, cedar– the fresher the better. The stick should be big enough to hold, most metaphysical stores carry these. Be very careful depending on the dryness of the bundle it could light very fast or very slow…. Try not to light these off a candle, light it with a lighter or match….

Cornmeal– yes, your average every day corn meal, make sure it is pure if possible, but this is a good way to start a smudging of self, group or of a house blessing…. This is used to encircle the object of the smudging or blessing just pour it around the objects wide enough to encircle it entirely with plenty enough room to move freely….

Sea salt, brick dust, lime– Use this to cross doorway, windows any path which can not be easily reached or that has been known to be an entry for negative energy, use it lightly to just cross from base to base…. Each step let the evil know it can not pass here as it is being blocked and can not in no way re-enter….

Sweet grass– This is a very good way to close a ceremonial smudge or blessing, as it invites in ones ancestors and good spirits as well as positive energy…. Just light it at your altar as one would incense and let it do its work-if you pick out a good sweet grass it should give off a pleasant odor and smell very much like vanilla……

with those ready at your side you are ready and able to give ones self or object a good smudge, blessing………. Once you are ready to start smudge your self first them begin, keeping in mind and heart positive thoughts, images and words.. Repeatedly pray for the removal of negativity and the incoming of positive things… Do not stop until the blessing or smudging is entirely finished, even then keep in the positive……

  1. Take the cornmeal and encircle the outside of the object, whether it be a group of people or a home. Just pour it enough to make a even circle around large enough for the object to be easily moved with in once the circle is closed….
  2. Once this is done, take the sea salt and pour it lightly where negative energy can enter, whether it be a door, a window, anything that can not be easily reached or that has been known to have negativity come through it repeatedly.. this will deter the negativity from entering 
  3. start at one side of the object with the sage, cedar or tobacco and work it religiously into each and every corner, again repeatedly asking for negative things to be vanquished… Once you feel that corner is well move on to each and every corner of each and every room or orifice of the object, person….. Do not worry if the smudge stick goes out, keep watch and just relight it and start over where you left off…..
  4. once you are aware that the energy has changed to entirely positive, let the smudge stick burn out by itself, keeping an eye on it to make sure it is entirely out…. Then light the sweet grass and place it in the center of the room, or at your alter or place of worship. Let it just work itself, it does not need to be moved from corner as one did the smudging. Use it as if it were incense and remember it is lit, it is a fire hazard, so do not let it get out of hand or place it near something that can catch fire, let it burn until it to goes out entirely…. While it is doing its job, invite in only good energy, good thoughts and words……
  5. Give thanks to the Gods, spirits and all things that they have helped you with this blessing, smudging and remember now that this object or place is as if a temple of positivity…..

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