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Symbolism of Animal Spirits

Here we will put animal symbolism as it pertains to ones guides, totems, and as omens. I will also try to put lore and stories here about these animals as I can find it. Please let me know if there are any meanings that you would like to know or want to share about these lovely beings.


Trout are known for being very forthright and straight forward, usually with a strong reason to go forward. This reason, either a goal of life meaning being very strong urges them forward with conviction. This conviction gives them a strong sense of self and personal well-being, as such they themselves are more oft than not strong-minded people and strong in body, spirit and self-worth. These people are also strong in family and personal morals, with a this is mine attitude they strive for perfection and their set goal in mind.

RAINBOW TROUT are very colorful and vibrant in them selves and out, showing people their cockiness and flamboyant conviction. These people are often very succesful in business and management, even more so if this management is with in their own company or business.


Foxes are highly flexible animals that can live and be free to roam in almost any surrounding. Although they like to be out in serene areas and away from people they have learned to adapt when their territories are threatened by others.

Foxes keep to one close knit family, often consisting of one male and one female and their pups. Possibly if there is a good supply of resources they may expand to having others in their group. But, they must first feel comfortable enough with their surroundings to allow this.

Fox has a very clever nature about them and are great masters of camouflage. When hunted or feeling uncomfortable they can easily slip away and cover their trail in order to escape their attackers. Once out of the given circumstance the fox however will often quietly observe the situation from a distance.

Fox is a master teacher for as it watches it gains great wisdom

Fox comes to teach how to be silent witness to what is really taking place behind the scenes.

Fox teaches how to use discreet cleverness to ones advantage.

Fox shows how to carefully look at where one has come from in order to approach any given situation with a clear consciousness.

The Raven

Ravens are the largest songbirds in North America. Their bodies are covered in rich black plumage, which shines with an iridescent bluish color. Though ravens are often mistaken with crows, a raven is much larger and their voice is much deeper. Ravens are masters of mimicking other bird calls and have been also known to mimic some human words. They are very intelligent when it comes to finding food and other things of need and are great communicators to their brethren once the resource has been found.
The Raven is a natural recycler of things, which has gained these birds a negative report. As such Ravens are natural cleaners often cleaning up nature by eating dead animals. Ravens also recycle by using their same nests over and over, bringing in resources to repair them without a thought of moving on. These birds can make almost anyplace home, once they do they never wander far from it.
Ravens are known as the gate keepers to several native tribes, and are said to be the teachers of mysticism. Ravens have been wrapped in a plethora of tales throughout many other cultures as well and there they too are keepers of knowledge and magical thinking. They have also been known to be called the keepers of unconscious thought as they can and have been known to walk the pathways to both the underworld and the heavens.
Ravens fly to heightened awareness and greater understanding of one’s consciousness through their many spiritual journeys. It is through these new perceptions that raven sees into the hearts of others and experience others truest most inner-feelings. Through this the Raven allows others to experience their own transformations from within themselves.

The Raven is a teacher, a mystic and a walker of paths.
Raven gives the power of heightened awareness of every situation
Raven teaches outer and inner thinking and how to overcome obstacles using the tools at hand
Raven makes a good judgment in character and doesn’t accept many into their flock.
Often the raven has only one mate, one home, one career or goal for life


Wolves are the epitome of stamina, known to run 35 miles a day in pursuit of prey. They are highly misunderstood animals, often being feared by ignorance. They out of this fear have gained a reputation for being cold-blooded killers. In reality wolves are friendly and social creatures that kill only to survive. Aggression is something they avoid, preferring rather to growl or create a posture to show dominance in hopes of scaring away rather than attacking their predators-man.
Even though wolf’s live in large close-knit packs they hold to a strong sense of individuality as well. Wolves represent the spirit of freedom, but they realize that having personal freedom requires having responsibilities to not only themselves but to others. They are very family oriented, but allow only in the ones that they feel are not a threat.
Wolf often has a firm rapidly growing family for it grows not only from blood but from others that the wolf gives trust in to. They are very close-knit with others as long as they are able to hold onto their own individuality. If this individuality is threatened the wolf may put up a protective barrier and growl, if people then do not back down the wolf may have a tendency to attack.
Because wolf often has gone through much in life, for their journey may be harder due to being self tested, they are easily placed into life as the role of teacher and/or pathfinder. The wolf will come not when beckoned but when one needs guidance in their lives.

Wolf is a guide, a teacher and a pathfinder.
Wolf gives extraordinary powers of survival in life circumstances.
Wolf teaches faithfulness, inner strength and intuition through sacred journeys.
The wolf teaches us to learn inner introspection and to find their power and strength.
Wolf makes quick and firm emotional attachments to others but demands sincerity and space of individuality

The Mouse

Mouse is a small but mighty being. The sight of a mouse can make an adult person jump and an elephant cower. But yet it is only the size of the palm of one’s hand.

Mice are meek creatures that wish to be left alone, often doing things behind the scene and out of sight of prying eyes. Mice do not attack until there is great pressure of being provoked.

Mice are content to make homes anywhere that they can find comfort, warmth and where resources can be easily available.  Mice can easily fit through the smallest of cracks without notice. They will make their homes where ever possible even at times moving in quickly where others have just moved out.

Once they have found their homes they like to have their resources to their liking, even at this they will take whatever comes without despair, as they do not need the best of everything. As such mice can be known as messy housekeepers but do not get them wrong, for some how they always know where everything is.

The mouse is a dreamer although an easily distracted one

Mouse teaches the importance of keeping order even in the worst of chaos

Mouse can live on meager means. For, although it is a creature of comfort it can live off inadequate resources

Mouse can also teach others inward introspection through life choices


The horse was brought to this continent by the Spanish at the time of the great Aztecs. Although there are many rumors of the horse being here before then, this is what the historians tell us. When the horse got here it transformed this continent and its inhabitants for all time, for the horse gave us means to travel that till this point were unthought-of.

The horse though gave us more than travel for it also was used for work and play. Horses pulled wagons and provided means of chasing down the hunt for many Native tribes. The horse was thought of by many nations or tribes to be a gift from the creator, for it did so many things that before it came were never dreamed of. As such it was traded highly among all people.

Horses were so great and so highly thought of they became great mythical beings. The Pegasus, Centaur and Unicorn among others are all forms of horses that have been taken from such mythological stories. These magical creatures at times are used as a horse but many more are part human and part horse, for people can often see the essence of horse in ones soul.

Once wild horses on this continent numbered in the millions, unfortunately the numbers now range only in the few hundred. For, men often hunted these fabulous creatures for such things as domestication and food. As such laws have been passed and these animals protected in many states in order to stop such unruly acts. Yes, horses were put there for uses but they should be looked upon as animals of wild freedom and unbridled spirit and such held sacred to and among all people.

Horse teaches freedom and power

Horse people are wild spirits and as such expect a new journey to come

Horse people are often friendly, hard workers but adventurous workers

Horse teaches one how to awaken to new direction and how to follow that direction at full speed


Hawks are huge lovely but dangerous predatory birds with remarkably sharp claws. Their size measures greatly due to its many different varieties, measuring at last count in the high hundreds.  These wonderful creatures hunt mainly in the day time and hunt for all types of food. They travel at high rates of speed, deploying their mighty talons as they spot their prey from at times several hundred feet above it.

Hawks live all over now days, although they prefer places of serene beauty such as savannahs and forests. As people move into these places they have no choice but to share their homes. At times if one life close to the hawk and times are quiet a shrill scream may be heard as it sings. This cry tells all to be vigilant for a creature of fortitude is in watch for food or resources that others may not see, for their eye sight is far greater than most others.

The hawk is a mighty messenger and visionary, it also teaches higher learning for it has learned to not only live but survive through most things others cannot.

Hawk is a spirit messenger, a protector and a visionary
Hawk teaches higher levels of consciousness and spiritual truth
Hawk awakens inspired visions and tells of a creative life purpose
physical, emotional, mental and spiritual forces will be strong in Hawk people

The Spider

Spiders play an important role in many myths and legends of lore from around the world. As such they mean many things to many people. To many people the spider teaches balance of spiritual and physical truths. However, it is also a weaver and as such could foretell of someone weaving untruths.

To the Native American people the spider is the link to the future and the past. In some tales it is the one that has given us the dream catcher. As such it is also the spinner of dreams and visions

A spider at times can be very gentle yet deadly. It can spin one into delicate webs of lies or deceit or deliver one from them through dreams and visions. It also has been said that the spider can spin a web between the two worlds of heaven and the one of lower vibrations.

As such the spider knows that the past affects the future and future can be affected by the past. It calls out to its bearer to use this totem wisely and to use its creativity to choose his or her own destiny wisely. It also tells if shown through visions that you may be getting too wrapped up in words or webs of lies or deceit and as such to seek out the truth in life.

Spider totem teaches balance in all things
Spider is strength and gentleness combined
Spider awakens resourceful awareness in life

Spider is a dreamer; hence people with this totem are often teachers, authors or artists

Spider also foretells of one being spun in their own or someone else’s lies



3 Responses to “Symbolism of Animal Spirits”

  1. What is the spiritual symbolism connected with rainbow trout?

    Thank you

  2. Anonymous said

    I was at the Yuba River outside of Nevada City, CA yesterday. Four rainbow trout swam to my feet and though most fish flee when something approaches them, these fish stayed close. What is the meaning of rainbow trout as animal guides?

  3. Linda said

    I was in your workshop last weekend and found it very very interesting. During our meditation 4 animals came into my picture—a rainbow trout, a large brown bear with golden eyes, a stag with huge antlers, a soaring white dove.

    You talked about each of these animals and what they represent but I was so overwhelmed I only retained part of your information. Could you possibly describe the meaning of these animals again and specifically the meaning of the golden eyes.

    In addition, you told us to journal our dreams and before sleep to ask for visits from loved ones…..I have and my dreams are over the top—I joke I have to wake up to get some rest—I believe I may even be astral traveling—yet I don’t feel the sensation of flying but I am in so many many places during my dreams that I wonder if that is what it is.

    I look forward to attending some of your classes in April. I have signed up for notifications via email.

    Thank you for a very interesting workshop! Linda

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