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Archive for the ‘Blocks to Awareness’ Category

What Areas do you service

Posted by Brian on June 27, 2010

My Hypnosis practice reaches new and old clients from all over Ohio including such places as: Franklin Country, Fairfield County, Licking County, Delaware County, Knox County, Madison County, Pickaway County, and Union County, including Columbus, Lancaster, Newark, Granville, Canal Winchester, Pickerington, Mt. Vernon, Westerville, Gahanna, Worthington, Dublin, Sunbury, Reynoldsburg, New Albany, Hilliard, Upper Arlington, London, West Jefferson, Marysville, and all points in between.

I Do Hypnosis on many Metaphysical aspects such as past life regression and future life progression, spirit guide and animal totem contact, reaching those that have passed to find and answer questions, reach dreams and relaxation much easier.

I also work and do well on weight loss, slowing and often ceasing ones smoking habits, phobias and much more.

I have two offices to choose from for your convenience. I am also now teaching classes at

Mystic Nirvana
1057 Bethel Rd.
Columbus, Ohio 43220

Phone: 614-326-1111

Stepping Stones

12 Westerville Square

Westerville, OH  43081

(614) 818-9551


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3 wall Theory to spiritual awakening

Posted by Brian on March 3, 2010

The 3 walls I consider to be harmful to opening ones true spiritual awakening are:

1.) The Religious Wall

2.) The Societal Wall

3.) The Wall of Control

The Religious wall is one that lies in the second body of the self. It often leaks out to show a face of ourselves to those around us, possibly in hopes of building a stronger base in those beliefs.  Yet, because most people seek religion as an outward thing that can be found in books and rituals they have not even begun to reach the tip of the iceberg.

Many religious faiths base all things on their beliefs and knock others faiths without reason. Yet, it often seems that most faiths have one thing or another in common but stated in a different way. Also people seek their gods in a book or outwards towards the heavens when the fact is we are all equal parts of the same God. Many people have died and have been outcast for their Religious beliefs yet we are all awoken by our true spiritual calling

Thus, due to how we seek and why we seek religion it can and often is a wall to ones true spiritual pathway. God is not an outside source; God is energy of all things including us. We are God-like creatures though we are not God. We must first not seek in a church, we must seek in us. We must not learn from a book or ritual, we must seek in us. The true essence of God truly lies within us foremost and always. The best way to break from this wall is to research, self discovery and meditation.

The societal wall is one of control that needs to be released before an Awakening can be had. People fear what they do not know and thus often goes with the consensus even the though the consensus can be right or wrong. It is fear based and belief based, both of which can stifle one awakening before it even begins.

The societal wall being based on consensus, how a community sees things based on the largest amount of believers makes liars out of the best of men. The media often uses this wall very well by spreading it in our faces on a Dailey basis. Yet, often what they say is used to sway the sheep to where ever the master wishes to have them follow.

Remember that community starts with one person and ends with one person. It is you that matters most and it is you that believes to follow or not to follow, yet laws are often made to keep people in order. Society is learned from birth, the social wall begins as soon as you become aware of any outside source.

Often people ask when a seed becomes a child, it is at this cognizant point. Before that point we know and understand all that has come before. We know all there is to know about past life’s and Gods work, yet at the second we become many and not one we lose the facts of who we are.

This wall can simply be overcome by forgetting that we are many and that we can be controlled by the voices of the consensus and become the consensus of a whole new community of truth. The community begins and ends with the one, let the one be all and the all be one and be the one of Spiritual Truth. “We are Spiritual beings walking a human existence”

The wall of control is a totally personal one; this is overcome in time by total self discovery and brings upon it a true spiritual awakening. People often ask, doesn’t society have a hand in this, I state Yes it does but we personally choose what we believe and CONTROL our own thoughts and beliefs…….

Have heard much state that they do not control a situation, but by stating that do they not control it they in fact give ownership and control to it. The Past is in the past and the future is not yet written. Yet, many hold on to things and need to learn to let go.

Also this wall deals with material goods. People say that they own this and that when the fact of the matter no one owns anything, for at anytime cannot that thing be taken away. In this vibration called life the only true thing we control and own is the self .

 To own it is to give control to it, and control is often ego based. The only thing we truly own is the self and in any situation that is all one owns. However, Everything is energy and that energy is everything. Thus the one is all things and all things is the one, everything is circular. thus by owning the self, knowing the self, and becoming one with the self all things can be had, but never owned.

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Intuitive guru’s ETEACH methodology

Posted by Brian on January 25, 2010


ETEACh is a simple system in which if one is open to energy they can transform their life into whatever they want as long as it goes with the energy of GOD>for god is the energy we light workers work in and for. 

 ETEACH methodology simply means Energy=Thought=emotion=Action=creation=having your hearts desires  

It starts out simply by putting or own wants outside ourselves and trading them with purpose driven need. For, God will answer every need and move aside every want. Want does nothing for the spirit but teach ego and make superego wonder and in turn feel guilty for the needs of the body. 

Second go to a quiet place. This quiet place can be anywhere, for it is not an outside place. It must be found within.  

Even if outside or in public our private place lies within and can be easily accomplished. When possible relax and go within-find peace and open your heart. Start meditation with an open mind. Allow energy to move from your spirit to God and back with an open mind. Let it move freely, peacefully.

Do this so that wants of the body release and needs of the heart and soul arise.  Feel this connection as an ever-growing cycle of energy. In this energy there will be born creation through Gods will

Energy is simply going within to your serene place and letting Gods connection flow. We are all equal parts of God.  “We are spiritual beings walking a human existence”  “We are Angels”… 

Thought our brain works very quickly to pickup energy from God for it works through our sacred connection with him, spirit to spirit. We all have something to learn or a job to do while here on earth, This sacred connection will allow our bodies to be vessels for Gods work.

If during this process ones thoughts turn self  gratifying it isnt God, but ones own ego, release it. We were sent here to learn and reconnect to the source of our father. Thus, if at any point thought turns to the self release it. The thoughts we should be connecting with here in this process are pure love and understanding not self-fulfilling prophesies.

Emotions how one feels about something as it refers to one’s self. When open to spirit these emotions are pure and loving. They are not often felt to be self gratifying but felt for the betterment of humanity… These emotions though can often change to one of negativity if one fights and isn’t ready to submit to the work of the lord, our father. Either way this energy and emotion quickly changes to action… 

Action how we take in what we heard and or felt and put it to use. Action can be any one of the senses. Touch, sight, speech, etc. Always what we feel comes out into some form of action. With this action one must remember that energy attracts like energy.  No matter what we do at this point will cause something to be created… 

Creation is what our emotions and actions have thus far done to form some kind of energy being brought from us outward to the light of the world. Once creation takes form, no matter in what action, it cannot be taken back. Always what we create causes reaction in something else. It doesn’t need to be heard or felt by another in order to take flight… 

Having all your needs and often all your hearts desires met… 

 This in no means refers to I want a million dollars or a Lamborghini for unless written or predestined to help others it is a want not a need. GOD grants all needs

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Our Possible Future

Posted by Brian on January 23, 2010

Good points, I think I will definitely subscribe! I’ll go and read some more! What do you see the future of this being?

Ty for enjoying the site, Am definitely sure more and more will find this useful as it is stuff I learned through and from spirit, guides and my own experiences on the other sides of life.

What will our future hold as a world itself, or of this site? This site is really a place where I can speak freely and openly, hopefully places where people can come learn and share openly. As I’ve stated due to my gifts I was harshly treated thus far in life by many people.

 I grew up feeling horrible about me and the world about me, shunned and depressed I turned recluse and evasive to other people. Never understanding Gods gifts in me till I had three separate NDEs. Two of which were in automobile accidents and once while running away from whom I was.

Thus I created this site for everyone, all walks of life so that they hopefully won’t feel or go through what I have been through. Everyone needs to know they are not alone; they are all psychic, all-knowing. For, “we are all spiritual beings living a human existence” and through our true right of being God-like beings each of us hold many secrets in us that will open as we become more spiritually enlightened.

Now where do I see the future of this as in all of us on earth going?

I have been advised and shown a lot about this and I couldn’t possibly write it all here in one sitting. I have though seen a possible future, but although there is a destination there are many paths to getting there. Nothing in the future beyond now is written in stone…..

There are many worlds, many. But, there are three main ones which many call heaven, purgatory, hell (although there is no known hell) the dark place and the now, our world. There are many aspects of each as there are many limitless galaxies here.

However, working with just three namely heaven, hell and ours. I see and feel a definitive thinning of a veil between the three. As if they were Bilbo’s ring, these three worlds interconnect very tightly. There was a huge wall of enlightenment separating them at one time, but now that is very frail. In fact the veil is so thin it has sprung leaks in many places.

This is why as we go forward there will be much bloodshed. Already we have seen things we never would have thought possible. Brother killing brother and that is Ok to be seen on TV. Yet, try to find wholesome footage.

More and More people are moving from God and finding other deities more exciting. The false Gods of money and prestige are not Gods at all. But, yet because where we’ve been going is getting tougher they seem very much more real than something not everyone has opened yet to-themselves.

 Food and resources are getting more and scarcer. People have to work two or three jobs just to keep food on their families table. Our atmospheric conditions are turning as many become lazier and lazier. This also is taking from family time-which is very important because if we don’t raise or children who will.

All these things and many more are helping the veils between the hell and here.

Indeed there a fight going on between the three veils. Because as we go forward there are also more and more new crystal-like children coming back on a Dailey basis. They don’t come for themselves, but for us. If we only quiet and listen.

There are more people all around the world seeing miracles happen more and more on a Dailey basis.

People are opening to spirit and the spiritual and moving away from religious confines.  As we go forward more and more of this will happen. More will open to the God in them and away from the thinking that God lies in a building or a book…

Yet the tie between the veils lies weak and insecure.

What will happen in the future?  God will win and this world will change.

We will see people give up on the monetary system they are using and the places which we store money will be gone or forever changed.

We will see more mom and pop small business thrive and big business go belly up. There is an electric car of some sort in our near future that will change how we use fuel.

We will see a civil war of sorts, for all things are circular. There is no changing that. We will see more and more uncommon family-like people seated in the Govt. as more prominent figure are moved aside.

Prayer will come back to the school as a form of meditation. God will find comfort in us and through us and thus change the atmospheric conditions somewhat normal.

This is one way of seeing things as there are many possible outcomes. But I believe this one and I know white always beats out the darkness and that God will win in the end.

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