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Archive for the ‘Divine Energy’ Category

What is divine energy and how does it relate to us

How to smudge and bless a home

Posted by Brian on January 19, 2011

Have been asked several times on the proper way, or at least how it was taught to me, figured it would be a good post for today as more and more people are finding our pages…..

Things one will Need

Sage stick, fresh tobacco, cedar– the fresher the better. The stick should be big enough to hold, most metaphysical stores carry these. Be very careful depending on the dryness of the bundle it could light very fast or very slow…. Try not to light these off a candle, light it with a lighter or match….

Cornmeal– yes, your average every day corn meal, make sure it is pure if possible, but this is a good way to start a smudging of self, group or of a house blessing…. This is used to encircle the object of the smudging or blessing just pour it around the objects wide enough to encircle it entirely with plenty enough room to move freely….

Sea salt, brick dust, lime– Use this to cross doorway, windows any path which can not be easily reached or that has been known to be an entry for negative energy, use it lightly to just cross from base to base…. Each step let the evil know it can not pass here as it is being blocked and can not in no way re-enter….

Sweet grass– This is a very good way to close a ceremonial smudge or blessing, as it invites in ones ancestors and good spirits as well as positive energy…. Just light it at your altar as one would incense and let it do its work-if you pick out a good sweet grass it should give off a pleasant odor and smell very much like vanilla……

with those ready at your side you are ready and able to give ones self or object a good smudge, blessing………. Once you are ready to start smudge your self first them begin, keeping in mind and heart positive thoughts, images and words.. Repeatedly pray for the removal of negativity and the incoming of positive things… Do not stop until the blessing or smudging is entirely finished, even then keep in the positive……

  1. Take the cornmeal and encircle the outside of the object, whether it be a group of people or a home. Just pour it enough to make a even circle around large enough for the object to be easily moved with in once the circle is closed….
  2. Once this is done, take the sea salt and pour it lightly where negative energy can enter, whether it be a door, a window, anything that can not be easily reached or that has been known to have negativity come through it repeatedly.. this will deter the negativity from entering 
  3. start at one side of the object with the sage, cedar or tobacco and work it religiously into each and every corner, again repeatedly asking for negative things to be vanquished… Once you feel that corner is well move on to each and every corner of each and every room or orifice of the object, person….. Do not worry if the smudge stick goes out, keep watch and just relight it and start over where you left off…..
  4. once you are aware that the energy has changed to entirely positive, let the smudge stick burn out by itself, keeping an eye on it to make sure it is entirely out…. Then light the sweet grass and place it in the center of the room, or at your alter or place of worship. Let it just work itself, it does not need to be moved from corner as one did the smudging. Use it as if it were incense and remember it is lit, it is a fire hazard, so do not let it get out of hand or place it near something that can catch fire, let it burn until it to goes out entirely…. While it is doing its job, invite in only good energy, good thoughts and words……
  5. Give thanks to the Gods, spirits and all things that they have helped you with this blessing, smudging and remember now that this object or place is as if a temple of positivity…..

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Does it matter what pose you are in when you pray?

Posted by Brian on April 9, 2010

There are many ways to pray to God and just as many religions to suggest to you how to pray. I state with true feeling that it is not as important to how one prays but that one pray faithfully in full cognizance of the creator.  If you can build your energy up to its fullest by lying on your back then lie on your back. If you cannot then don’t do it.

If you must lie on your back remember we hold all energy, it is the intent and the power we build that upon that will break through to the creator. For, those that can stand and pray do so build that energy to its fullest, then let it go, let your voice carry to the furthest star.

Many congregations of people dance, sweat, sing, and the list goes on. It is not as important as how one prays as it is to build that energy. Let your spirit be the guide as to which way you pray, there is no wrong or right as long as you stay in the moment and build towards God.

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Spiritual Shamanism

Posted by Brian on April 3, 2010

Excerpts from our new book

Within these pages I will not be teaching one anything new, no new religion, no new faiths, nothing. I only hope to help one remember to reawaken to their true spiritual essence of being all things of the now, past and present. For, by truly reawakening to ones spirit they can fly further, run faster, see further and enhance creativity in their daily lives. As such do not change your faiths just to find a place that you may fit in to or cling to these words, but just let them flow and resonate to your soul, if they do not then let it go, for this book may not be for you at this time.

Religions of all kinds have been set to honor the Gods and Goddesses in sacred rights as an outward source. Spirituality is meant to honor the God or Goddesses within ourselves as we are connected to all things. Thus many religions might click true with this form also. There are no rights or wrongs either way, for all things having meaning each at some time is right and wrong at the same time. The truth only lies in what is done with the truth once it is renewed within us.

Look upon all faiths as the way for they are our paths and us, were the path walkers on these paths. But, to take these paths as separate entities are mans way not spirits. All paths have and most share equal truths, thus look upon others paths as being just as right, look upon other path walkers as being just as right, for there are also no new path walkers.

Learn from each other, for each of us teaches another believes that may rekindle our spirits and in time this kindle may grow into a flame. But, if we do not listen then this spark has already been put out. There have been countless wars because our egos have told many of us that our paths aren’t as equal as another’s. Countless people have died in the name of one deity or another.

How many wars have to be waged in the name of God as an outer being before we can see that we are god and goddesses? How many faiths have to be crushed for being evil just because they teach in a different way than ours? How many have to die in the name of a God or goddess before we see that God is all things at the same time and that he is not what we make him to be in our minds.

Millions if not billions of people through the ages have had their life’s completely changed by what we have done to them because they were different, because they thought different, because they prayed different or in different places. This is not the way of the creator, but the way of man, of egos.

This book isn’t written to change anyone’s path or religion, but to enrich it, for by finding the true source-God or goddess our lives will be changed. Thus spiritual shamanism is not a religion as much as it is a new road in which lies on this path for which we can learn to love, learn, teach and enrich our true spirit.

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The Three Bodies of the Self-The Soul

Posted by Brian on March 22, 2010

  As many have heard me speak on this for a good many years now I Thank You. In this body we truly are “Spiritual Beings Walking a Human Existence”. In this body all that lies within this body is Godly. Here we have forgotten nothing and are everything, 

 This is our direct link to the creator and lord above. Here lies all the embodiment of unconditional love. Although it is the true us it is at hard times tough to reach this point, for we definitely have to go through the proverbial hell and high water and be awakened to its being to see the true beauty of this body. 

 Although there are many enlightened souls being born everyday this body lies often out of reach to most. Yet, it is there in us, for us and through us. Yes, this body goes through us from its highest source to its lowest source and back again, in a circular motion always vibrating in the epitome of heightened energy. 

 This body is ours when we were one with the energy that is the creator and even though it has been covered over by emotions and flesh and blood, it is still ours to reclaim. There is an ethereal chord which ties our spirit to the godhead, this never is truly cut. It goes to everything thing and is in everything. 

 This ethereal chord goes in to us through the crown chakra and runs along the spinal column. There this chord reaches every chakra or energy vector in our system. In a straight line this chord runs the spinal column following a direct path following our legs, out of our feet chakras and into mother earth. There it can cleanse not only earth mother but us. From the earth this energy cycles back upward following the same route until it once again reaches the creator. 

 As this body stays cleaned it is always holy. This body is what we strive to get back to and is why there are many levels ahead of us, more than one can obviously reach while in this current vibration of energy that we all live in. Although this is true for all people, there are some that come back closer to this body than most and have achieved it. These people were known by all religions and held in high regard as saviors. 

 As such and with being said, we must know that this body lies within us. It is achievable. It can be reached, but to attain it steadily is the key. Think who has attained and kept this body aglow. Who that we know of in this society can keep this body. If anyone can how do they keep such godliness. 

 In this body we can do anything, we are the creator; we are god-like in every way without being god. Why then would someone not want to attain this?  

 This body can be reached and at times is through meditation and at times deep dreams. Although it can be reached, it takes much time to do so. Often more time than one is willing to give. It can also be reached via NDE and often has by many, but still one must come back. Once back though the memory lingers of time on the other side it is often masked over by the everyday mundane. 

 However, to see and be on the other side in any way one will be and is forever changed. Attempt meditation; attempt to be the true being one is meant to be. This body is unbound love and untold, unlimited consciousness. In no way attempt NDE, but feel yourself as being here and being your true essence. God blessed us all, feel it and be it. Thank You….

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