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Archive for the ‘Ghosts and Hauntings’ Category

To become a paranormal investigator, what classes do i need to take?

Posted by Brian on January 3, 2011

great question reader, im glad you found us and excited to be able to answer this honestly as possible…

The truth is there are many schools and people who offer such classes. However, I and many have found that these classes are nothing more than something you can find in a book or something you can learn on your own by just getting in to the field and getting your feet wet and getting wet is half the fun.

Why let someone you don’t know or may not trust guide you in their way of thought, which most times is often learned by them doing the exact thing you are about to do-having fun and learning through experience..

The only thing I have to say is this if you want to take a class look for something cheap, make sure they are accredited or very experienced, most of all trust them meet the person you will be learning from first hand, ask questions and feel them out empathically(using your gut instinct). Make sure they are not just someone trying to make a quick buck, know that they havent just learned from someone else class or heaven forbid a book… Feel them out as solidly as one can

Now with that said, there are many good books out there, research them before buying. I have found that anyone can put out a book and most books really having nothing to learn from but are just rehashing the same thing over and over with some cool pictures of orbs or streams, which can easily be made by non-supernatural or paranormal means-just look over some of the many videos on the internet….

Now with that said look for cheap ways(many already mentioned here) to get your first equipment. Many expensive equipment look good, but doesn’t  work as seen on the many television shows. Also never go out investigating alone, as most investigations are done at night on unfamiliar turfs which is a great reason to have a pre-investigation to look at the ground during the day…. Map out places as best possible before night fall, look for any and all obstacles that could cause you or your equipment damage or pain..

use cheap five dollar cameras yeah the ones that you develop and throw away over buying the expensive stuff. Also for EVP’s try to find any recorder that turns itself on automatically with noise, to keep it running can also cause falsehoods… Just look for the cheap ones, on your first investigations no one needs expensive equipment until you are sure you want it, not because you think you do or it looks cool.. Instead of EMF detectors, use a compass then you don’t have to worry about electric boxes or the like, and if there is something out there that an EMF will pick up the compass wont generally point in the right direction…

Second, try not to build up the suspense of the hunt by researching the suspected haunted places before hand. Yes, it is good to know where to go but by doing too much research it will leave out the fun of actually getting footage by possibly putting in the false hoods of a dark and stormy, scary night where things might go bump and having it only being a cat while you make it out to be a specter…. Peoples imagination gets away from them usually on those first investigations and possibly a few after-why make it worse by causing falsehoods…..

Never ever go alone to an investigation, due to the possible obstacles and chances of getting hurt. I for one would never want to be stranded alone in a cemetery because I fell over something and twisted my ankle and now can’t get out until found, in fact don’t know many that would. Hence at least always take one buddy-more if possible. But, too many might bog down the moment because tension does get thicker with more and usually one person may feed off another ones feelings or emotions…. Think appropriately before heading out about how many that too many or how few is…

Next have fun and I for one want to hear about that first investigations and I will post your pictures here, good Investigating


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Do animals have spirits and if so can they haunt a home?

Posted by Brian on February 20, 2010

Yes animals do have spirits and souls as does all things. Yes, I said all things! 

 Everything that can be seen, heard, felt and smelt has a spirit. This definitely includes animals, as it does all life, including trees, rocks and minerals, etc. -All life. 

 The reason I state this is that all things come from the same God energy that creates us. Break everything down to its smallest part and it is Energy, breaking even that down further and one could not tell one thing from another. So, yes animals have spirits. 

 As spirits, regardless of human, tree or animal they can stay and love one place enough to stay even long after their time here is over. So,  yes animals can haunt a home-or any other place for that matter.

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Our newest investigation was a great success

Posted by Brian on April 15, 2009

Last week we investigated a local home deep in the woods in the city of Columbus OH. There were 5 people in all that were invited for this investigation. All were from our local meet up group. We were called in by the homes residents due to noises and images they have supposedly seen of a little old woman. We showed up there and were greeted happily by the homes residents. Getting there at around 7 we quickly set up cameras and audio recorders, unfortunately my night shot video cam was a wash due to it being in the shop. Though with the camera we did have some mighty odd experiences. In this home the family was seeing the apparitions in a hall which ran from family room to the kitchen. This hallway was very long and this, having only a small window area in the middle of its stretch. This is where we picked up most of everything that was caught that night. personal-pictures-024personal-pictures-025personal-pictures-023personal-pictures-0251in these photos one can indeed see an outline of an older woman on the right hand side of this hallway, also if one to look way to the back where the fireplace sat one may possibly see the hind quarters of a dog. We didn’t have a dog with us at the time, though we did know of a dog dying on the property. Also in this exact spot we used up 6 sets of batteries by trying to capture a forward facing picture. Each time we went to take a picture the batteries would immediately die, not unusual on some trips. Even though these were new batteries- it is known that spirits will try to take the energy from what ever source possible to materialize. We also did capture a few odd footsteps on evp. However these will be added at a later time. Our next trip will be taking place very soon and im hoping more folks from the local meet up group will come along once again.

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Is there such things as cheap ghost hunting equipment

Posted by Brian on March 9, 2009

Yes, absolutely. Ive been investigating the paranormal for the past 20 plus years. I used to be a part of and run one of ohios largest paranormal groups until the group split and thn someone broke into my car and stole my equipment. Its now been several years after, and I still dont have the equipment I had then. The reason Im writing this is to state, one doesnt need the greatest of equipment for investigations of the paranormal kind.

Investigations can begin and often run smoothly with the miniscule of equipment. A 5 dollar compas, often can and does do better than an EMF detector. On investigations EMF often picks up on electrical discharges of any kind. At some points electricity can be totally shut down, yet have the EMF read ectricity that lays dormant in some, at the time, unknown area.

The compass will not pick up this electricity, it wont have the flashy lights or cool sounds, but if it picks something up the compass point will spin like crazy. This does not imply the compass is a better tool in no means, for the EMF wil often pick up spirit readings that the compass does not. But, once again a compass is an excellent starting tool for low budget investigators.

Now for the cameras, in my eyes nothing ,atleast inexpensively, beats picture taking more than a 0Lux video cam, which now days can be found for right about 200.00. Still a lot, go for a 5.00 throw away strapless camera. These cheap beauties pick up things that the eye cant. These type of camers besides costing less, dont have the emenities the more expensive ones have. Camera straps, lenses of many flavors and other iniquities that can at times get in the way that make spirits out of the most common of errors. So, if its a camera your looking for, not a videocam, go with the 5.00 throw away….

The other things one can keep with their start up kit, are things like motion detectors, EVP mic’s , and infrared thermometers. These things also can be bught cheap, the most expensive out of them being the thermometer. This though can be found rather cheaply on the internet. The thing to look out here though is to make sure it is a pint and click, something that has a definate straight forward beam that pin pricks an area, not a room. I recently bought one off the net, ebay, for under 35.00. Try not to buy this cheaply, you get what you pay for.

The next Evp detectors, think small and hand held. he ones for conferences work wonders, make sure these little beuties are the ones that pick up sound when something happens, and not all the time. I do use them and got some cool sounds off of them, but again its not something to buy cheaply. Look everywhere for these, but instead of thinking investigations, think conferences. The good cheap ones here should run about 35.00- 40.0 dollars. The motion detectors are great for investigations, but their gimicky, not a must have, but if you have em they are cool. Look for battery operated ones, they should run about 5.00. 

All in all for beginning investigations, go cheap the whole thing could cost around 100.00. for starters, then build as you get into it further. I hope this answered your question…..

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