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Archive for the ‘Spirit Guides’ Category

Does everyone known all their Spirit Guides from previous lifes?

Posted by Brian on February 22, 2010


No, not all spirit guides follow one person through each life cycle. Spirit guides and protectors are chosen before each life cycle dependant on what you are being sent back to carry out. 

However, spirit guides come in five different types and guardian angels and ascended masters are the exception to that rule. These two guides have not only been through each life cycle but often were with you before the cycles even started. 

These two types of guides follow groups or sets of people from life to life and are there to report to the higher being of God. Thus each follow through your life cycles keeping tabs on how things are and were done by you and your other fellow guides. 

These two different guides will also be there in heaven as they are sent and seen here in earth. Their goals are to get you to the next step of being reconnected to the god source through each and every step. As we will all be on the other side and be given the job of guide, they check those job efficiencies also. 

So when do your guides get chosen for you?  

They are chosen after everything else is done on the other side. After your judgment, after your new life goals are written and after your parents are chosen. But, not after you are already born as I’ve heard some other people and sites suggest. These guides are sent with you as watchers until the day you begin to recognize them. At that time their jobs to guide begin…


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fWho are spirit guides and where do they come from?

Posted by Brian on February 15, 2010


Spirit guides are beings, mostly beings like us that have gone from the physical to the spiritual realm. They are beings that have learned much and have finally gone beyond the physical world. As such they are higher beings than us.

However their evolution back to the realm of God has just begun, for although they have learned to live without the physical mind and body they must now learn to become a true form of unconditional love by giving of themselves without any form of need… 

There are many levels of spirit; most guides usually come from one of the lower ethereal levels. Of course this depends on which guide we are speaking of and to whom they have attached themselves to. Usually the higher the spirit here on earth the higher the level of spirit guide. Each spirit guide below the status of guardian angel was once human. As such each of us too will become a guide when our time here in the physical realm is complete… 

Spirit guides are always here to guide us on our spiritual pathways and protect us in times of need. People usually have five different types of guide each with their different reason for being. Though it is best to remember that people can come with more or less depending on their level of secular security before reentering this realm. Also it is a good to note that people with a high security of self and the fewer number of guides are people who are nearing their cycle here on the earthly realm… 

I hope this helped, please let me know Ty

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Are Angels the same as spirit guides?

Posted by Brian on February 14, 2010

Angels or Guardian Angels are guardians in spirit while Spirit Guides are beings sent to guide us. Angels may come in a physical form while guides will never be physical, though they may show through physical means. Angels are direct expressions of God’s love that have been sent to us to help us in times of deep emotional or physical need.

 Angels are the highest form of pure love, while guides are still in stages of evolving to this very high level. Angels have already achieved their connectedness to spirit. In fact many angels may have not even been here on earth before, while all guides were at least in the human guise at least once.

Angels are sent to guide us only when times are at their lowest, while guides are always there to aid us.  Guides were sent with us in each and every life, everyone has more than one guide while they only have one angel. 

Guardian Angels have been with us before our first human connections have even begun. They have accompanied us through births and deaths and are with us in every thought, word and event we experience in each and every life. Guardian Angels are committed to us for our entire journey of life – they never leave us. They will be with us when we leave this life and when we are born again. Guardian angels are there after we die and we are a soul in heaven.

Once in heaven guardian angels will be our council and our staff. They will aid us with the things we’ve learned in life and things we don’t yet understand. They will go with us through council of the elders and speak for us to the higher powers that be. They will also be the ones to assist us in designing our next step of spiritual evolution by helping us decide how, what and why to come back to the human form.

Angels will help choose which guides would be best used once were back as a human consciousness and be there by our sides once we leave there for here. They stand in the background in every life until their needed. They are ever vigilant and are never far away.

Saint Augustine said, “Make friends with Angels.” Treat Guardian Angels just as you would your dearest, most loving friends. Take your time to build a relationship with them. Remember they are there as your direct links to God and as such by getting closer to them you are getting closer to the source!

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Are animal totems the same as spirit guides?

Posted by Brian on February 13, 2010

Spirit guides may or may not also be totem animals. I have a spirit guide who comes to me as large black wolf. I also have an bear and crow that come as my totems not as a spirit guide. A spirit guide is a teacher with something to teach you. While a totem animal is often parts of you, they are also there to protect you throughout life as you travel through all of life’s learning experiences.

Your totems choose you before you enter this life much as a spirit guide, but they often only follow you through the one life cycle, where as spirit guides are often there through them all. Animal guides are given as protection, where totem animals are chosen to help you and remind you of a life path.

Many times also totem animals live in your vicinity there they will make often appearances in your daily lives. This is especially true if one wanders too far off their life course. Totems will appear as a special reminder to correct your stray and to get back on one’s life path.

 An animal guide may not be in your locale as they can appear also at times as mystical beasts such as dragons, hydras etc. When your guide makes an appearance listen to it clearly for they appear with specific messages. Guides will appear less often and usually only when there is a message to be told. As such animal guides may seem to leave a person for a very long time only to reappear in times of need.

Ones totem animals can change during your life as you grow and change your totem animals so may they change. People have many totem animals ranging from a polar totem-how you appear to the outside word to a bipolar totem how your life lessons have affected you inwardly. While others still line up in positions of inner qualities. As such they change when you change they change.

Sometimes you will have a name for your totem animal; this is not a must for they at times do not like to be named. However if you must they will tell you what it is. Your animal guide is a different story. They will and can be named for they are there for you always, when it is time they too will let you know their name. When an animal guide accepts you and appears to tell you their name, remember it, for that from then on is how they will want to be named. When they are named they then can be called upon in times of trouble.

However, your guide is a guide and is or may not always be there as the totems may be. Guides often have people that they share and things they too must do. So, do not be afraid when they seem to have taken off. Also, even though they can be called upon when they give you their names they do not always appear and if you abuse their reason for being will often appear less and less often. Thus it is best to honor them as a higher being of light.

A totem is one of your own many faces. That is why some people call them “familiars”. Totems are always there and do not run. They are there as outer parts of your being. As such name them if you must but it is not necessary. Do not be afraid nor will you feel afraid of your totems unless you are afraid of yourself, totems are extensions of the true you and will keep you on the right path if you stray. Notice their changes as they will change as you change and as such are life lessons there to keep one on their paths.

Spirit guides are helpers here to teach you intent, emotional control, knowledge and purity if you allow them to. Remember it is always your free will to learn or not to learn from them. They are with you to be honored not ignored, for they are also message bringer. They are to be reverend not as ego boosters, for if they feel this they will run until you learn to honor them and place them in their proper place as a higher form of guide.

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