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Dream Symbolism

Here I will answer any and all dream symbolism as I get them from Spirit. I will also recommend on how to dream well, with a few secrets on how to get answers from the other side through ones dreams as told to me from  my person Guides and Teachers….

Dream dictionary

  • Teeth falling out- You unwillingly are noticing a change, good or bad, in yourself. There are other aspects to be noticed in this dream, mainly youre feelings while its happening(pain, discomfort, joy?)
  • a planned event changing quickly due to something cheaper, quicker or more personal coming about((for example. a planned day with a hair dresser is rapidly changed by another being able to do it better, cheaper and more time efficient)- This sounds like a good thing! could be notice if the situation is acheived or if it fails.
  • dream situation fails- shows that you can be easily swayed in life by outside sources.  The fact that you are noticing in dreams that it is happening lets you know that this can be changed. Look for present situation it may be referring to and how you can change it. 
  • situation goes well- refers to one not wanting to open up to more of lifes possibilites and is thus not allowing good things into their life. If this is the case then at times you may want to go out on a limb, for good things are possible and at times, Yes! they even happen to you.

Weather Dreams

  • tornadoes- This dream shows that you are caught in turbulence of the past or present situations, notice how many tornadoes are about you? How do you feel while its happening? Are you whethering the storm or flailing about in its wake?
  • earthquakes- You or someone else are feeling that in present situation they are on shaky ground that may leave them falling(failing)in its wake. notice who is being consumed, the emotions of the dream, are you withstanding the quake or falling in to its opening?
  • Flood-this is an emotional dream where you are feeling swept away by the currents of emotions of the past or the present. Notice are you being saved? How do you feel while its happening? are you being rushed along bumping into other obstacle along the way? Does it effect others, do you know who they are?
  • Rainstorm-This usually refers to fear of something going awry in a present or future situation. notice the feel of the rain(is it warm or cool), notice how you feel while it is raining, how hard its raining is usually an indication of if you can whether the storm.
  • Volcano- This usually refers to an outside or hidden disruption coming to fruition. Notice whom or which situation it is consuming. Also notice the emotions of the dream, for sometimes the consumption is a good thing for it brings the hidden into existence
  • perfect weather- something great is happening or going to happen. Keep this dream going look for an outcome, changes etc.
  • grey skies- usually refers to hidden or present depression, anxiety or fear. this could mean that a dis-ease is coming to a forefront. This could be of a personal nature or of someone close to us.

Vehicle Dreams 

Cars– usually represent ones self and their ability to control their life situations. The make, model and shape of car represents how one looks at themselves subconciously…

  • You are driving the car- This represents having solid control over ones life
  • You are riding in the car- This represents that there there may be a life change coming
  • Someone else driving your car- This represents that subconciously you feel someone else is control of your life
  • You are in a car accident- A subconscious warning that you may be making mistakes in life. This also could be a warning so stay on the lookout for other dream symbols coming into your life, Beware!
  • Witnessing a car accident-  This also could be a preminition dream, so be on the look out. This dream could also refer to hidden anxieties or fears.. 
  • Someone you know being in a car accident- be sure to tell them of your dream, perhaps the dream could be for them. Yet, it also could mean that your holding hostility towards that person..

Airplane dreams are representative of high ambitions, money or other successes coming into ones life

  • Being in an airplane- Means rising above a given circumstance
  • If you are the pilot- Means your in the drivers seat of your success and will soon reap its rewards
  • Airport dreams- represents that one may be taking a trip. It also could mean that one may soon begin a new veture in life
  • Anytime a plane crashes in a dream- Be on the lookout it could be a premenition. It also could mean that one is soon to fail in business, love or money

Train dreams- These dreams show that life is on track

  • If a part of the train is missing or you miss a station- These dreams mean that one has a deep feeling of missing something in their life
  • Missing the train- These represent the missing out on something life altering such as marriage, birth, carreer or money

Riding on a bus, bicycle or motorcycle- Means that your riding smoothly through life

  • If it crashes- Beware!, could mean your running into rough times

Pregnancy Dreams- This is a many diverse dream, which the dream around this has many meanings. But, the most common meaning of this dream is that there is soon to be a birth of an idea, or something new- this is why the rest of the dream is so important because it usually holds what the birth is refering to..


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