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I lost my soulmate, what do I do now?

Posted by Brian on January 26, 2011

First thing to do is not to panic, we all have several Soul Mates that we meet along the pathway which is life. Each comes and goes when it is their time, most if any rarely stay with us for long. Although occasionally we meet our one true love, the one we have loved and long for throughout eternity. These too come and go, but occasionally stay for longer periods of time.  It is good to remember not all Soul Mates that come in to our lives are our star-crossed lovers.

Soul Mates are groups of people who have traveled through out time with us. Often learning and after the same paths as ourselves. Yes, a few of this group are definitely our lovers but not all. Some could pop into our lives just to change them, to make us see things we wouldn’t have at any other time. Although these mates are on a spiritual level it is good to remember when were here on earth we all are still human. “we are spiritual beings walking a human path”….

What to do is sit back and count your blessings for meeting a Soul Mate, figure out why they came into your life. What did they change in you,any new ideas, feelings etc.

Then look with in and see if you were ready to meet your star-crossed lover, your mirrored soul mate. In order to meet and be with the one you’ll love for eternity, you must be ready and able to deal and trust yourself first. his has nothing to do with money or material things. But, are you ready to live in unconditional love and trust, can you forgive and forget-we are all human, we get angry or grieve but when the moments over can you forget and forgive. Can you absolutely look at yourself and see you are te angelic being you were meant to once again become… When you are and can live with your self, sit back and be reassured your Soul Mate is on their way.

Id also keep a journal listing all your good and positive qualities, then list what you want in the other. See if there’s anything you want in the other that you may be lacking. if there are things lacking in you, are they ego, wants, needs, etc. You are perfect, you are the way god intended if you see you as perfect and you want nothing in your mate that you do not already hold inwardly then you will be well on your way to finding the Soul Mate you have always been looking for…..


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Do Soul Mates Bring out the best as well as the worst in each other?

Posted by Brian on January 22, 2011

Just a quick look at the new intuitive spirit this month and one can easily see where the weather changes have many people thoughts and hearts. Yes, it is nearly February and Valentines day, so once again we get another great love question from the internet and one of our many devoted readers.

Yes, ones soul mate can and often does bring out not only the best but the worst in their Soul partner. The reason even though we might have found our one true love, Soul Mate, we are still all still very much human and most people well they do not take to change very well. Remember, the main reason a soul mate comes into the picture is to change us, our perspectives, our lives, they are and have met us to make us or wake us to the true spirit we can and will become.

“We are Spiritual Beings walking a Human Existence” We were brought from heaven into this life to lift us above all things human and bring us back into the spiritual light which is our lord in Heaven. Once all life as we know it was of that energy plain, we were all once one. Yet, through gaining a very much, shall we say human perspective on things and losing the unconditional love that we once, not only felt but we were. We came to this level, this plane of existence to learn to become once again what we were, Spiritual Beings-True unadulterated Unconditional Love.

Our Soul Mates come into our lives to teach us, to even us out. They are our Mirrors, they are us in almost every way possible. Can you live with yourself 24/7. Most people, not saying all, but most can not. How then can we live with another that as lead separate lives, that have separate ideas and yes separate issues with out fighting. We are all still human, Soul Mates do not coming in just so one person or the other changes, but the meeting of the two lift each other higher and brings perfection of both in to fruition. Yes, they lift us up, they change us and many times leave us.

 We must be ready and in total love for ourselves and with ourselves before the two partners meet. If we are not ready and can not accept the changes they bring then, guess what the worst is brought out. We must be ready for change and rapid change when a soul mate is met, because if one can not over see the worst, one can not be brought in to the mere perfection the Soul Mates, love partners can bring to one another.

Soul mates are our Mirrors, one may be left-handed the other one right-handed, one may be well to do the other poor, one partner may be spiritual the other well versed in life, the list goes on and on. But, look beyond the human things, the material and look beyond-what do you see. One should see a perfect strong of continued and although separate, common paths. Soul Mates attitudes, meanings, lives are darn near the same. The way they communicate, live are damn near perfectly aligned. Yet, because they have both lived separate lives and have separate minds and hurts, they will fight. This is why a Soul Mate is not brought into a partners life until it is time.

Can you imagine finding one so perfect and not being ready in your self…. I hope this helped answer this question

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How to smudge and bless a home

Posted by Brian on January 19, 2011

Have been asked several times on the proper way, or at least how it was taught to me, figured it would be a good post for today as more and more people are finding our pages…..

Things one will Need

Sage stick, fresh tobacco, cedar– the fresher the better. The stick should be big enough to hold, most metaphysical stores carry these. Be very careful depending on the dryness of the bundle it could light very fast or very slow…. Try not to light these off a candle, light it with a lighter or match….

Cornmeal– yes, your average every day corn meal, make sure it is pure if possible, but this is a good way to start a smudging of self, group or of a house blessing…. This is used to encircle the object of the smudging or blessing just pour it around the objects wide enough to encircle it entirely with plenty enough room to move freely….

Sea salt, brick dust, lime– Use this to cross doorway, windows any path which can not be easily reached or that has been known to be an entry for negative energy, use it lightly to just cross from base to base…. Each step let the evil know it can not pass here as it is being blocked and can not in no way re-enter….

Sweet grass– This is a very good way to close a ceremonial smudge or blessing, as it invites in ones ancestors and good spirits as well as positive energy…. Just light it at your altar as one would incense and let it do its work-if you pick out a good sweet grass it should give off a pleasant odor and smell very much like vanilla……

with those ready at your side you are ready and able to give ones self or object a good smudge, blessing………. Once you are ready to start smudge your self first them begin, keeping in mind and heart positive thoughts, images and words.. Repeatedly pray for the removal of negativity and the incoming of positive things… Do not stop until the blessing or smudging is entirely finished, even then keep in the positive……

  1. Take the cornmeal and encircle the outside of the object, whether it be a group of people or a home. Just pour it enough to make a even circle around large enough for the object to be easily moved with in once the circle is closed….
  2. Once this is done, take the sea salt and pour it lightly where negative energy can enter, whether it be a door, a window, anything that can not be easily reached or that has been known to have negativity come through it repeatedly.. this will deter the negativity from entering 
  3. start at one side of the object with the sage, cedar or tobacco and work it religiously into each and every corner, again repeatedly asking for negative things to be vanquished… Once you feel that corner is well move on to each and every corner of each and every room or orifice of the object, person….. Do not worry if the smudge stick goes out, keep watch and just relight it and start over where you left off…..
  4. once you are aware that the energy has changed to entirely positive, let the smudge stick burn out by itself, keeping an eye on it to make sure it is entirely out…. Then light the sweet grass and place it in the center of the room, or at your alter or place of worship. Let it just work itself, it does not need to be moved from corner as one did the smudging. Use it as if it were incense and remember it is lit, it is a fire hazard, so do not let it get out of hand or place it near something that can catch fire, let it burn until it to goes out entirely…. While it is doing its job, invite in only good energy, good thoughts and words……
  5. Give thanks to the Gods, spirits and all things that they have helped you with this blessing, smudging and remember now that this object or place is as if a temple of positivity…..

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How many life times are Soul mates said to follow their partner?

Posted by Brian on January 14, 2011

Soul mates are not just one people, but s group of people that we were brought into existence with. We travel each and every lifetime with our soul mates, or at least some of them. Each time one or more of our soul mate group meet it moves us closer towards the reason we are here on earth, the reunification with God through our own perfect soul. 

The reason it moves us closer, is that it brings us once again into the loving arms of not only our mate but with our true self. “We are Spiritual Beings Living a Human Existence.” We each live over and over again different life times of new and often old experiences, think Karma. Some times we get stuck repeating over and over again the same old karmic cycles of experiences, this is where our Soul Mates come into becoming such a major player in change. They change us, they open our eyes to what is and change our experiences in and out of ourselves-their a boost from the lord almighty to help us break from our cycles and get us on track.

With this said, not every soul mate is our true love, some are simply there for that cosmic boot to move us back on track and towards the light of God. However, there are those that are Soul mates that are there for love, compassion to share life with-these are mostly what people speak about when they think of soul mates. These soul mates are few and far between, often most people don’t find them in a lifetime. However, sometimes they do and when they do, one look into this persons eyes will bring a world of flooding of emotions and longing into both partners that simply will not diminish over the passing of time.

How do we meet our soul mates, ready yourself-these types of soul mates do not simply seem, they are brought into our existence when the timing is right and when we have worked on what we are here to work on, whether that be love and compassion or to break ourselves from the cycle of earthly things. Whats funny here is that although these two partners have almost to a T followed the same time lines and lives, they are usually mirrors of each other in how they have done it. Soul mates are perpetual mirrors of ourselves that together found a substance harder than diamond and greater, more rewarding than anything one could ever dream of.

Love Soul Mates do not just seem, they are a gift from God. thus they can not be simply sought out, they are not until we have totally worked on ourselves, the reason our mates have shown is to bring us closer to perfection of our true  selves and each other. Once united with our true loving soul mate, lives quickly change and become one. Once these two meet they can not be parted with out heart ache, these two once met are inseparable…. They are mirrors, two sides of one coin that together form a solid foundation of greater substance and rewards.

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