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Are we all intuitive?

Posted by Brian on February 25, 2009

We are all intuitive, we are all children of God, We are spiritual beings living a human existence and being such the gift of intuitiveness is ours to hold and cherish. Whether it be dreams or meditation or a one time moment of psychic intuition, we are all of a universal oneness. As such is it truly psychic or intuitive if we can all do it.
What, we cant! I guarantee we can……….

Think back there is a moment in time where we glimpsed ahead, Deja Vu, Dreams? A total moment of relaxation? There is a moment somewhere in our times and life’s where we had a glimpse of the future…
Yes we are all psychic…

Ive heard countless people say women are better than men at being gifted or of gifted children, or even yet of people passing and waking gifted. We are all gifted, we just have to see and believe… And when one does understand it is a gift from God, to read his energy in all things then psychic will be normal and there will be no more controversy over who’s gifted. Which is ludicrous, were all God-like children of God. It doesn’t belong to the chosen few, but to everyone regardless of how it opened to them, regardless of sex, looks, color etc… Open to it and it is yours, use it and it will strengthen, close it and it will be stifled but will still exist in you. I guarantee it!!!


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